Tourism in An My village


(QNO) - Riding buffalo, ploughing, catching fish, making noodles, and roaming on the paths of violet flowers under arecas through the green field are visitors’ unforgettable experiences in An My village.

Visitors in An My village
Visitors in An My village

The tour starts at a cycle journey from the An My communal house (Cam Chau commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province) to the village centre through a path of violet flowers. Then, visitors can experience agricultural activities with the local residents such as growing vegetables traditionally and in organic vegetable models, making and playing kites, making masks and unicorn heads, making and enjoying noodles…

Besides, there are activities strongly impressive to visitors, including riding buffalo, transplanting rice seedlings, bailing out water, catching fish, grilling fish with straw... For European tourists, the activities here are really strange and unable to find in their countries. They feel a nice and peaceful Hoi An with ancient wooden houses and a fresh beautiful countryside.

An My village is about 3km far from the ancient town centre, one kilometre from the Cua Dai beach. It is one of the earliest villages of Hoi An, where the most intact landscapes of a pure Vietnamese village are preserved. An My village is attractive to visitors by not only its peacefulness but its plain country people.

The tourism model of An My village is put into operation in October, 2017 with the aims of cultural conservation, and residents’ income improvement. In accompany with opening the tour to An My village, the local infrastructure is upgraded; the local residents are provided with the knowledge of community tourism and some basic skills of tourism. At the same time, the locals are also aware of the chances and challenges when tourism comes with them. Therefore, they feel happy and try to seize this opportunity. For Hoi An authorities, An My village tour is one of the measures to reduce the pressure on Hoi ancient quarter, extend tourism by exploiting the urban areas, renewing tourism products here, bringing strange and novel experiences to visitors. It also helps to better the locals’ lives.