Tourism products from the red sycamore


(QNO) - A set of tourism products from the red sycamore growing on Cham islands has just been presented by the Hoi An city People’s Committee (Quang Nam province). The red sycamore is also called Firmiana Colorata R. Br or Fiery Scarlet Sterculia.

Ghế đu được bện bằng cây ngô đồng
A rocking chair of red sycamore.

There are 3 groups of products made from the red sycamore including food, souvenir handicrafts and cosmetics such as cakes, cooking oil, roasted seeds, hammocks, bags, swings, cream…

Hạt ngô đồng được đánh giá là có hàm lượng dinh dưỡng cao
Seeds of the red sycamore with high nutritional content.

The products made from the red sycamore not only create the diversity of tourism products, confirm its economic value, propagate the Cham island and Hoi An tourism better but also upgrade the trademark and the conservation of this type of plant- an outstanding symbol of the Cham islands. The red sycamore can give signals for seasons changing in the year. When its leaves become yellow and fall, summer is coming. Its flowers are flourishing in autumn. Its fruit is ripe and falling when the dry season ends.

Sản phẩm bánh được làm từ hạt ngô đồng
Cakes made from sycamore seeds.
Các sản phẩm thủ công mỹ nghệ từ vỏ cây ngô đồng
Handicraft products from sycamore bark.
Cây ngô đồng
The red sycamore.