Tourism reception contest


(QNO) - The opening ceremony of the 1st Quang Nam tourism-service reception contest has just been organized in Hoi An city by Quang Nam Tourism Association and the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Không khí sôi động của lễ khai mạc. Ảnh: MINH HẢI
The opening ceremony.

The contest attracted young receptionists who work at the hotels in the cities and districts in the province such as Hoi An, Tam Ky, Phu Ninh, Dien Ban, Duy Xuyen.

The event was a chance for these receptionists to learn as they exchanged experiences and to improve their professional knowledge and awareness. The contest focused on the basic knowledge of reception (such as regulations of accommodations, local history and culture, destinations as well as rituals, religions of some countries), of handling circumstances by English, the ability to sing, to dance, to play musical instrument, and the knowledge of information technology.

Thí sinh tham gia phần ứng xử và tìm hiểu văn hóa - lịch sử vùng đất xứ Quảng. Ảnh: MINH HẢI
One of the participants at the contest

According to Chairman of Quang Nam Tourism Association Vo Van Van, receptionists are considered as “cultural ambassadors” who introduce to tourists the beauty of culture, people and landscapes of Quang Nam province in particular and of Vietnam in general. The contest also aimed to evaluate the important role of tourism in the local economic growth and promote human resources, especially receptionists in tourism-service sector.