Trade name An Bang


(QNO) - An Bang Seaside Village Homestay with its wild poetic scene has recently become one of the favorite destinations when a foreigner visits Hoi An.

An Bàng beach
An Bàng beach

The peaceful village

An Bang village is very peaceful on An Bang seaside, about 4km from Hoi An ancient town. The villagers who have been earning living as fishermen did not imagine that their village could be on tourism services.

The young man Le Ngoc Thuan is one of the pioneers in exploiting tourism in An Bang, the begetter of An Bang Seaside Village Homestay, which opens a new space for Hoi An tourism and the local residents. An Bang Seaside Village Homestay covers over 700m2. The house was rebuilt with coco-leaved roof in a green garden.

Since its opening, the Homestay always welcomes tourists to stay everyday and the duration of the stay is usually extended to 10 days. Visitors staying here can both enjoy a peaceful space and experience daily activities with the local residents such as fishing, casting nets or teaching English to children.

The An Bang Seaside Village has now built two more sections with 10 rooms but still not met staying demands.

Besides, Under the Coconut Tree Homestay is also an attractive address to foreign tourists. It is the rusticness that makes this Homestay impressive. “Wonderful!”, said Suvaj Gupta (an Indian), “I’m completely enchanted by An Bang Homestays, so I choose to stay here instead of a hotel. I’ve planed to leave in a few days but now I have to rethink it. I really love this place.”

Create livelihood for residents

The An Bang Homestay model partially meets the requirements of the tourism community, helps visitors experience the local culture values. In particular, the advantage of the sea has become a key to make An Bang homestays different from other places. “In addition to resting, swimming, sunbathing, tourists can participate in fishermen’s daily activities. If guests like to take a fishing trip, it costs 10 USD/h/person, which helps people have more income”, said Le Ngoc Thuan. So far, a lot of people in the village have benefited from this tourism model. They mainly work as servers, cleaners, protectors, cooks, etc. In particular, through this stay model, many children in the village are taken to free English classes where teachers are the tourists; many poor children have been helped with money, books,… by tourists. Among them, a student in grade 6 has received an Australian’s sponsorship until she completes her university education.

According to Ms. Dinh Thi Thu Thuy - Head of Hoi An Trade and Tourism Office, visitors are very interested in the type of homestays because it is new and rustic. Visitors here will live, eat, stay together with the local people, which helps visitors more understand the local historical and cultural values.

By June 2014, 81 out of 136 homestay businesses licensed were put into operation. "This homestay model is very effective, contributes to changing residents’ livelihoods and an increase of their income.
It can be seen that a new face has appeared here, promising a positive change in the lives of fishermen generations in An Bang.