Travelling with food


Hoi An is a place of different special foods, showing local cultural characteristics.

Hoi An foods
Hoi An foods

Quang Nam is well-known for Mỳ quảng (Quang noodles), wonton, rice paper rolls, dumplings among others. However, the unique food that can just be found in Hoi An is Cao lầu (Cao lau). Quang noodles and Cao lau are recognized as asian foods.

Cao lau- a typical food of Hoi An has become a challenge to chefs, both indigenous and international. Its flavour is very different and very Hoianian.

Another food which is also typical is Bánh mỳ (bread). Bread in Hoi An is so great that American chef Anthony Michael Bourdain called it “a symphony in a sandwich”. It is also considered as King of sandwiches in the world by CNN.

Street foods in Hoi An are also attractive and impressive. Visitors, especially foreigners, usually enjoy street foods as an activity of local cultural discovery. Besides having good foods, visitors can talk to vendors or local residents, whereby they understand more about local culture and daily life.

Not only do visitors enjoy Hoi An specialties but they can also make local foods through cooking classes in Hoi An. Street foods are always available, both day and night.

Eating Hoi An street foods after sunset appears to be more wonderful. How great it is to enjoy some specialities in the fresh cool atmosphere, the sparkling space of lanterns and the sounds of “bài chòi” singing in Hoi An.

The diversity of foods in Hoi An makes both visitors and chefs happy. It may be the reason why Hoi An was recognized as a culinary capital of Vietnam in 2017.