Visiting Bat Cave


(QNO) - About 35km west of Tam Ky city is Hamlet 3 of Tien An commune, Tien Phuoc district (Quang Nam) where visitors can contemplate the Bat cave after an about 20-minute walk in the forest.

Đường vào Hang Dơi.
The road into Bat cave.

The first impression of visiting the Bat cave is probably big rocks stretching along the way. The population of rock at the Bat cave is divided into two parts: upper cave and  under cave. The under cave is also called Dong Thien (Heaven cave). The particularly interesting wildness with the steep rocks, moss, vines spreading everywhere and many different shapes of rock inside the cave makes visitors more excited.

Quần thể thực vật trên đá phát triển mạnh những nơi có ánh sáng xuyên qua.
Floras thrive on rocks with sunlight.

Leaving God cave, visitors continue to discover the upper cave. It is noteworthy that visitors need to bring flashlights because the cave is very dark. It is also extremely damp. Therefore, it is really an ideal place of bats’ refuge. When coming here, visitors may start at a loud resound from the ravine, which is created by the bats. Sometimes, a few rays of light getting through the cave make it as mystical as in fairyland. Therefore, the under cave is also called Heaven cave…

Muốn tham quan tất cả các hang phải dùng đèn pin.
Visiting all the caves with a flashlight.

Although the path is not difficult and the scenery is very charming, the Bat cave seems to be ignored. Mr. Phan Hong Phat – Chairman of Tien An commune People’s Committee said that the project of building Bat cave as a tourism destination along with many other historical relics is being deployed but very difficult due to lack of capital.

Lối ra xuất hiện bất ngờ khi men theo hang đá.
The exist of the cave.