World- famous ancient ships in Hoi An


(QNO) - The famous ancient ships in the world seem to be revived after many centuries through the models by the hands of Tran Thu Ha.

Most of the tourists coming to Ha’s shop (145 Tran Phu, Hoi An city) are  impressed by the  models of the ancient ships here. Oliver Queen, a 34 year-old tourist from America unexpectedly brings home a model of her favorite Atlantic ship from Hoi An city. “I like Atlantic and have noticed its models in some places. The ones in Ha’s shop may be the most persuasive to me. They are very eye-catching from the shape to the details”, shared Oliver Queen. The Atlantic was put into operation in 1093 in New York (America). Two years later, it became famous all over the world after the race “Emperor’s Cup” from New York to Lizard (England).

Chị Hà bên một mô hình tàu cổ.
Ha with an ancient ship model.

Steve Knight- another tourist from England  is very happy to own Friesland ship. This is one of the reasons he comes to Hoi An. Besides, there are many models of other famous ships such as the Soleil Royal for King Louis XIV (France) in the 16th century, Spain’s Sanfelipe in the 17th century, and France’s Franice II in the 19th Ha’s shop.

These models are arranged by chance by Ms Ha but they become a special attraction where there is a mix of aesthetic phylosophy from many continents. Especially, “ Realising that tourists hesitate to buy products in halfway of their ongoing journey, I have the service of sending my products to the customers’ addresses. So, they feel secure”, said Ha.

Chị Hà đang giới thiệu sản phẩm cho du khách. Ảnh: XUÂN KHÁNH
Ha presents her products to a tourist.

After 8 years living and trading in Hoi An, Ha is nourishing the model of Hoi An’s wooden barge and considers it as her souvenir to the Hoi An ancient town.