Cham Island - an ideal destination


(QNO) - Cham Island, 15 kilometres from Cua Dai beach (Hoi An ancient town, Quang Nam province), is a cluster of 8 islets, namely Hon Lao, Hon Dai, Hon Mo, Hon Kho Me, Hon Kho Con, Hon Tai, Hon Ong, Hon La. It was recognized as the global biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2009. Its population is about 3,000 people.  


Cham Island is a cultural historic site, related to the formation and development of Hoi An ancient trading port.  “Champello” (meaning “Pulau Champa” in Autrnesian) is Cham Island’s name in the old western map. Cham Island also has many different names such as: Puliciam, Chiem Bat Lao, Tien Bich La. Here, there are many relics relating to Sa Huynh, Champa, Dai Viet Cultures, especially the Cham and Vietnamese a few-hundred-year-old architectures. 

Cham Island is also a destination with the fresh weather throughout the year, plentiful fauna and flora, especially seafood and swallow. Cham Island’s corals are highly appreciated and on the list of protection. 

In October 2003, Cham Island natural reservation zone was set up to protect this island’s wildlife creatures.

Every years, Cham Island welcomes thousands of visitors to breath fresh air, enjoy delicious seafood and contemplate corals.

This clip is recorded by a tourist, describing the wonderful scenery in Cham Island.